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Filling Machine Series

Manual Filling Machine are compact liquid packaging units that are used for the filling of small sized containers and plastic packets. These are especially designed for the small scale industries that deals in liquid processing. They are designed and developed as per the industrial standards by using latest techniques and high quality materials which offers higher strength and rigidity. Manual Filling Machine provided by us are available in various different sizes with different volumetric capacities. Buyers can get these premium class machineries from us as per your requirements at a low and reasonable price range.
Our company is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Liquid Filling Machine that makes it very easier to fill large number of small to large sized containers at a higher speed with a less wastage which make them highly efficient and economical. They are available in automatic as well as semi-automatic variants with different working capabilities. Liquid Filling Machine availed by us are equipped highly active sensory elements for the faster operation of the pneumatic and hydraulic drives. These machineries require standard alternating voltage in between 22 to 440 volts with a frequency of 50 to 60 Hertz for their efficient functioning.
Paste Filling Machine are highly productive and faster industrial machineries that are used to fill thick viscous gel and paste like substances into plastic pouches and containers. These high speed units requires very less power and also helps to reduce the wastage of the raw or processed materials to be filled. Paste Filling Machine can be used in the packaging lines of the food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. They are provided with hydraulic drives for the faster and efficient functioning. They are available in automated and semi-automatic variants as per the demand of the customers.

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